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May, 13th 2013. Bayern Munich's team is training, just a day before the final match of the German Cup.

In this session, they've been specifically training the shoots from the penalty spot. To do so, they've placed several portable goals along the training field for the forwards shotting on target practice.

At the end of the training session, Franck Ribery has scored a total of 100 goals, having practiced shooting in 3 different goals.

The curious thing is that Ribery has scored an odd number of goals in every goal.

How is it possible?

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I If we try to divide the 100 goals between the three goals, we always find that either Ribery has scored an odd number of goals in 2 of them, and an even number in the third one, or Ribery has scored an even number of goals at the three goals.

It seems that there's no logical way to get an odd number of goals for all three goals. So, where's the trick? It's simple. There are numerous solutions, but all of them involve using the same trick: just putting a smaller goal within a larger one.

For example, Ribery has scored 45 goals in a normal one, 25 goal in another goal, and another 15 goals in a little goal inside the latter, so that, Ribery has scored a total of 25 +15 goals at the second one. Adding goals scored into the three goals we've got: 45 + (25+15) + 15 = 100 goals. In addition, the solution's not unique, because we can find numerous solutions to the problem: 55 + (35+5) + 5; 5 + (45+25) + 25...

This is an example of what is called 'lateral thinking', a theory developed by Edward de Bono. This technique has much to do with creativity, and with breaking the normal patterns of thought to which we are accustomed, using new views, new associations of ideas, and new methods of thinking to reach different and original solutions to arise problems.

Thus, our brain normally faces new challenges from the rational side, basing our response on learned or historical knowledge, and with a perfectly logical approach. However, in many circumstances it's necessary to address problems with another new perspective, regardless of logical thinking and deductive reasoning, using the techniques of "lateral thinking" and imagining strange situations, absurd or illogical ones, for which our brains just don't have an explanation, but that can lead us to solving the problem

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