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Thank you very much.

A year ago I started the Matifutbol adventure. Twelve intense months since I imagined this project consisting of combining various aspects of mathematics and logic with the world of football.

It has been a difficult but exciting way. I started from scratch, learning web programming and refreshing my forgotten knowledges of Mathematics (and English language). And mixing these ingredients together with a bit of imagination, different stories emerged as you can see in Matifutbol.

All this time I have tried through my stories to provide a small grain of sand to the world of maths teaching, with an educational resource which was playful, funny and attractive for math students. I hope I get approached to my target.

During the past twelve months, I have received many expressions of love and support for my work, which partly offset the working hours dedicated to the page, extracted from the limited free time I've got available for me and my family.

Today it's hard to reach 25,000 visitors for a math website. In a single day, one can write an article about fashion, celebrities, jokes, or any mundane occurrence, and gets these same visitors in just a few hours. But mathematics is a subject in which visitors are very difficult to get, and even more the 'likes' or the 'sharings'.

So I want to thank everyone who peeked at some point to my website (either by invitation, either because they were looking for maths resources, or just by chance), to all who spent some time with reading my stories, to everyone who even liked and shared them among their friends, and to those who were interested in the topic discussed and proposed new ways to solve it, or even corrected some aspects when I was wrong.

Furthermore, in the road I've met many people who are embarked on similar tasks, good fellows to whom I want to send some words of encouragement to persist in this work.

Thank you very much everyone, because your interaction makes it easier to stick with this website. And thanks to my closer and more loved people, my wife and my children, for your support in this adventure.

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homo mathematicus


These are the stories published to date:

Özil and the Fermat point. Notable points of the triangle. Geometry. The Golden Goalkeeper. Arrow's paradox, Voting systems Does anybody tell the truth? Logical thinking, The paradox of the caterpillar and the lizard.
Llorente's hard decision. Optimal stopping theorem, taking decisions, logical thinking and strategy. Beckham and the reserve player's chance. The problem of Monty Hall, Probability Which team will win the Champions League? Probability, Inverse probability. The importance of a flag. Conditioned probability.
Eurobirthdays 2012. Birthday paradox, Probability. Simple Arithmetics, Composed rule of three, The problem of water lilies. The troubled stadium gates. Arithmetic and geometric progressions. The prodigious memory of Van Bommel. Statistic, Bolzano's theorem, The intermediate value theorem
A benefit match. A reflection on arithmetic means. Do you dare to count? A forward-and-back problem. Logical thinking. The problem of the ships Ribéry's strange training. Lateral thinking, Even and odd. The fantastic pencil of Sir Alex Ferguson. Champernowne constant, Statistics.
Guardiola: the last training session. Lateral thinking, The problem of the bridge and the lantern. The problem of the fair division. Lateral thinking. Let's give away some balls. Compact packing. Geometry. Thanks to all Matifutbol supporters.

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